Potok, Chaim The Promise 1969г.»

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Potok, Chaim The Promise 1969г.»  в г. Москва
Мария на baraholka.ru с февраля 2017 года
Москва, Россия
Вид товара: Книги
На английском яз.
Potok, Chaim The Promise
Серия: the Chosen series

Издательство: Amazon seller
Переплет: мягкий; 384 страниц; 1969 г.
Формат: уменьшенный
"A superb mirror of a place, a time, and a group of people who capture our immediate interest and hold it tightly."
Young Reuven Malter is unsure of himself and his place in life. An unconventional scholar, he struggles for recognition from his teachers. With his old friend Danny Saunders--who himself had abandoned the legacy as the chosen heir to his father's rabbinical dynasty for the uncertain life of a healer--Reuvan battles to save a sensitive boy imprisoned by his genius and rage. Painfully, triumphantly, Reuven's understanding of himself, though the boy change, as he starts to aproach the peace he has long sought....

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